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Most beautiful cities of the Riviera di Ponente in Liguria

by Matilde

Arenzano , a city characterized by  historic villas  and  parks  overlooking the seafront or  Varazze , whose sea has received the coveted recognition of  the Blue Flag.

You will not find the classic views of the five lands but a flatter landscape and characterized by sandy beaches or pebbles. The true wonder of Liguria Riviera di Ponente are surely the villages of the hinterland that offer unique landscapes as much as those of the five lands.

But let’s go for a step

Surely among the most beautiful seaside towns we find Varigotti  with a visit to the old city (we talked about it here)

Apart from the most famous (and inserted on the map) I will mention some of my favorite and little known places on the Riviera di Ponente in Liguria.

In nomination we see  Cervo , a small village that I often visit when I’m nearby because in addition to having a beach not so popular has a beautiful inlet in the rock with lots of ladder to dive into the sea as in a pool.

In the picture we see the walk to get to what is the beach with the inlet in the rock on the sea. You can not see the scale because it is more moved to the right, but the location is this:

You will also find the Porteghetto restaurant or the  very nice terrace .

We also find Bussana on the podium . Not only for the old part but also for the sea (the beach is sandy and has a very special inlet in the rock)

One of my favorite places (you eat well you spend little and there is a nice view) is what you can find on the seafront at the bottom of the promenade … called Gente di Mare

If you are looking for a place to relax by the pool, a bit of luxury but at a good price you can not miss the Orizzonte in Varazze which in the evening turns into a disco. Attention to the schedules because in the period of non-peak season does not open during the week and often only opens on Saturday evening.

Also in Varazze if you like the nightlife you can not miss the romanticism that arouses the new marina full of clubs and life.

Very impressive also from the architectural point of view, you can decide to have a drink in one of the pubs surrounded by greenery with sea view or a non-Japanese All you can eat at Mamasita for 19 euros!


Eat aboard a boat

In Varazze

Upon reservation, we organize dinners and events with personalized catering, of the highest quality. Special menus for celiacs or those who observe special diets! 
– boat from the canal

In Imperia

The Pingone Restaurant in Imperia offers dinner on board a beautiful boat!


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