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What does Disciules mean

by Matilde

It writes “dis’cioles” and reads “dis’ciùles!” And means in the Milanese dialect ” hurry up, wake up “. Outside Milan is also used the formula with the “e” or “Desciules.”

It is used to urge someone to move in doing something because maybe he is in a stalemate.

This blog really wants to take this word and use it as a sort of philosophy of life to start “pulling yourself out” and living your life, discovering new things.

In the blog you will find many travel itineraries, designed mainly for those who live near Milan and the weekend never manages to focus on what to do. In the appropriate section you will find a map showing the main points covered on this blog and the taste itineraries in the experience section.

In addition to travel, you will find from time to time a series of considerations on the city of Milan in general and on people’s way of life, as well as more worldly topics of various kinds.

Enjoy the reading!

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