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Excursion to the Forni Glacier

by Matilde

A trip to Lombardy to the Forni Glacier , half far enough that both our journey begins in Lombardy and in Trentino (which is the border) about 3 hours and a half from Milan and 4 hours from Trento (although it is closer in line d ‘air)


It is possible to reach the Forni refuge even by car only at certain times of the year and at certain times. It is therefore advisable to inquire first about the opening of the road to transit. In the periods of greatest tourism, only an alternative shuttle service will be available. ( www.forni2000.com – 0342 / 93.53.65 – Open from March to September)


to sleep

You can stay and find refreshment in Rifugio Forni (easily accessible by car) that offers a beautiful view and glacier views.
Nearby we also find the Branca refuge and the Pizzini refuge

From here there are several itineraries and there are a couple of those that will take you to the glacier in a couple of hours.


Trekking Path of Peace

You can follow the course of the river that rises gently until you get to the real climb and overcome several boulders (some a bit ‘slippery, the path is not exactly suitable for everyone) and can also be done by mountainbike .

Along the way you also come across two Tibetan bridges suspended over the river.


Our sight will be reapplied by the effort spent after seeing the great glacier up close (being careful not to get too close because it is changeable and the pieces fall all the time.) If you are lucky you can also see some ice caves.




  • The glaciological path: loop circuit with crossing the glacier (we recommend guiding the guide)
  • The paths of the Great War: there are numerous itineraries around the refuge
  • Approaching the Forni glacier – Ai Ponti Tibetani
  • Ice climbing and rock adjacent to the shelter
  • Artificial gym at S. Antonio Valfurva 30 minutes drive from the refuge
  • Baths of Bormio



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