The medieval village of Castell’Arquato

Strategically located on the first hills of the  Val d’Arda , the medieval village   is perched along the hill and dominates the passage. The historic center remains developed on the left bank of the Ardastream  . It is about 30 km from  Piacenza , the provincial capital, 42 km from  Cremona  and 45 km from  Parma .

Just 1h from Milan we find a beautiful village that has remained virtually intact over the years, both as a construction and as an atmosphere.

 The village is built according to the structure of medieval villages and has not undergone significant changes over the years. A village where culture, history, naturalistic riches and gastronomy blend in perfect harmony. Numerous events taking place in the country and in neighboring areas are an unmissable attraction.

Parking is conveniently located at the foot of the city and it is easy to get into the village for a pleasant visit. The streets are slightly uphill but affordable for everyone.

The source of Rio Orzo:  In past times the water from the Rio Orzo source, located at the edge of the inhabited center, was used for healing purposes given the high content of magnesium considered refreshing.

Visiting Castell’Arquato, a leg of obblligo is its museum network. The museums of Castell’Arquato satisfy the most diverse interests and each museum offers unexpected and pleasant discoveries, but what is most striking is its panorama and its buildings.

Visiting the Rocca it is possible to follow it up to reach the top to enjoy a splendid view of the city and its surroundings. It was built for military purposes and in more recent times it was also a mandamental prison.

What to see and what to do in Castell’Arquato suggests the city itself: a walk and a stop in the restaurants for salami and fried dumplings.


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