A secret maze in Milan

In via Solari 35, in Milan  , a labyrinth is hiding, used here as a metaphor for the human condition, protecting a nucleus of meanings that are revealed through the act of progress.
The environment – about 170 square meters – was started in 1995 for an exhibition at the Giò Marconi gallery and found its definitive location in the hypogean spaces of the former Riva-Calzoni building in  via Solari 35 , now  Fendi Show-room .
Inaugurated at the end of 2011,  Entrance into the labyrinth  is not only one of the fundamental stages of Arnaldo Pomodoro’s artistic career, but also  one of the most secret and fascinating places in Milan.


Read the review published on  Artibune , or watch an excerpt of the video performance of Federica Fracassi on verses by Aldo Nove (directed by Piergiorgio Gay, 6’44 “) on the Vimeo  and  YouTubepages   of the Foundation, and also” If life is a labyrinth “, film-interview realized by Simona Ostinelli and Giotto Parini for Cult tv – RSI (from 1’10” to 9’17 “).

Guided tour for SINGOLI  (participants: min 5 max 15)
Duration : 45min
Where : Via Solari 35
Time slots : in week  19   Saturday  11:30   18   19 
(once payment is made it is not possible to change the date)

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