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Avocado at lunch – Places of the heart in Milan

by Matilde

A new craze broke out, avocado and tropical fruits. Now more than ever it is very easy to find bars that offer this type of dishes, all this is in keeping up with all these new premises that open their doors in Milan?

Avocado, only fashion?

This precious fruit alone provides almost 20 essential nutrients, including fiber, potassium, vitamin E, B vitamins, and folic acid.

They also act as “super nutrient” allowing the body to absorb more fat-soluble nutrients, such as alpha, beta-carotene and lutein, in foods that are eaten with fruit.

Without sodium and cholesterol, avocados can be used in many diets. The avocados contain 3.5 grams of good fats every 30gr of flesh that do not contribute to the increase in “bad cholesterol”, or LDL.

Check on the map all the places to taste the avocado !


Let’s begin!

One of the most famous is definitely Macha Café , present in two locations in Milan. The place is very small so you have to show up trying to avoid the weekend or when it is more crowded (you can also see the crowding status from hour to hour).

Imagine Alice and the mad hatter; the Bianconiglio always late and an appointment for a Japanese green tea, or rather a matcha tea.
Imagine a “non-birthday” and a thousand origami in pastel colors, a first date or a briefing of talk between friends.
Imagine wooden tables and white chairs, smiles at the entrance and the smell of cakes and pancakes.
Imagine that this place is not in a dream, but a small place right in the new center of Milan (Moscova).
Macha cafe is thus a place to think that time will stop, why not, this time you do not need to run.

-Francesca, Local guide

The second is  fancytoast Milan which offers creative toast in the Moscow area. Personally I did not find them very tasty but a bit ‘sickening, but there are those who swear to worship them, so it is worth making a stop, if only for a shot from instagram addicted.

It offers typical Californian toast , consisting of a single slice of cereal bread garnished with various fresh and good quality ingredients. The combinations of flavors are very tasty and inviting.

Avocadino seems to have been the first avocado bar in Milan and Italy. A whole new place to enjoy delicious dishes prepared starting from the main ingredient ,  the avocado , which our chef has been able to reinterpret in a menu suitable for all ages. It is still in the opening phase.

Also  Panini Durini  among his dishes quotes the avocado . Even during brunch. Average cost of avocado toast: 4.50 euros

At  The Botanical Club you will not only find the avocado, but also a perfect location for the aforementioned fruit. Also in this case, there are two offices in Milan.

Excellent restaurant, very modern and welcoming. Suitable for young people and not. It’s also located right in front of the Mudec, so it’s perfect for a different day.
The menu is interesting and original, prices are accessible, from 10 to 15 euros. there is also a 12 euro menu consisting of a dish of the day, a glass of white or red wine, a dessert or seasonal fruit and a coffee. Water and bread are free and always provided, and moreover the covered is included in the price.

In the area of ​​via Ripamonti you can find a little place in which to eat special dishes. Let’s talk about  The Wood Bar.

A plate with avocado and salmon sandwich + salad side dish and “whatever you like” at a price of around 6.50

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If you like these new premises with alternative ready meals then you can not miss also from  Flavors . ( Via Gaetano Giardino, 2) 

Healthy, organic and really tasty food.


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