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Brunch in Milan under 15 euros

by Matilde

Brunch in Milan is usually made up of a dish of your choice to accompany coffee or juices. The all you can eat of this type are very few and those that are reported in the guides often no longer correspond to truth because in the meantime the place has changed the type of offer. The advice is therefore always to call the room to confirm the information. In this case we do not talk about All you can but restaurants that offer a comprehensive plate of coffee or similar. Let’s see what Brunch can stay below 15 euros in Milan:

 Tizzy NY Bar & Grill

12-14 euros per dish – Navigli area – à la carte

If you are looking for a corner of Milan that looks like New York, you’ve come to the right place.

Managed by the blond and volcanic Tizzy (American DOC) this room with beautiful checkerboard floors overlooking the Naviglio Grande, but it could very well be in Brooklyn, given the atmosphere English-speaking and fashionable.

Here the brunch menu (a la carte) includes many proposals: egg benedict, pancakes, omelette, french roast and eggs served in various versions (usually dishes cost from 10 to 12 euros).

To drink, in addition to the classic American coffee, Tizzy also offers Bloody Mary for brunch and fruit-based cocktails. The brunch is served from 12 to 17.


15 euros – City studies – à la carte

In a sort of renovated apartment with internal courtyard, the rest-bar / boutique Santeria invites you for a brunch at home!
The menu changes every week, with à la carte dishes that accompany some basic products: coffee pastry, fruit juice, bread, butter and jam.

In a warm atmosphere, you can enjoy meals in your room or in a blanket, to remember the welcoming spirit and the Corte family. The structure is part of a simple and elegant design, with blackboards in the studied Scriptures. Santeria awaits you for a Sunday all without problems for the warm atmosphere and tasty food!

Brunch Pavé

Porta Venezia – à la carte

Hours : from 12 to 15 Saturday and Sunday

Sandwiches between 5 and 10 euros, salads 7.50 euros, velvet 9 euros, single-portion cakes 5 euros, brioche from 1.50 to 3 euros

The Pavè is a must for lunch- breakfast in the Porta Venezia area. This restaurant does not serve the classic brunch (with buffet or à la carte dishes), but for atmosphere and food the place has nothing to remove from other breakfast-lunches in the city.

You can give us both sweet and savory. For example delicious croissants prepared with butter and mother yeast or sfogliatine, scones, braids, pain au chocolat, kipfel, plum cake, savory brioches and swivels. One of the new arrivals is La Rossa: a croissant with 160 percent of raspberry jam and raspberry streusel.

The sweet menu is flanked by sandwiches (rigorously prepared with sourdough) and a selection of mixed salads, soups and chopping boards. Everything is prepared at the moment according to a menu that changes from season to season, to ensure freshness and quality of products.

To drink you can enjoy excellent centrifuges, fruit juices, juices and coffee of all kinds.

Bello Hostel

 à la carte – 15 euros – via torino

Ostello Bello, offers quality brunches every weekend for a very affordable price.

In a youth hostel atmosphere, find your spirit as a traveler and come back to a child tasting the brunch proposed by the Ostello Bello.
You can start the tasting with a buffet that includes: fruit, juices, tea and coffee, as well as cereals, slices of bread spread, yogurt and fresh fruit.
You can choose a typically English brunch with scrambled eggs and bacon, Caesar salad accompanied by fruit, maple syrup fritters etc. Specialty of the house (it’s the hamburger).
For dessert, the house offers an apple pie, a cheese cake or brownies.
The total price is around 15 euros.


 à la carte – 15 euros – Ticinese

Hambistro specializes in burgers and soups.

There are two brunch
offerings : Easy Brunch and Burger Brunch Easy Brunch (15 euros): with a choice of pancakes, eggs and bacon, French toast, salad with potatoes and bacon, quiche or mini burgers.
Burger Brunch (19 euros): you can order one of the burgers on the menu. Included in the price are also American coffee at will, juices, yogurt with granola, bread, butter and jam.
The restaurant also provides a home delivery service for those who are too lazy on Sunday morning just to get out of bed.

Madama Hostel & Bistrot

Porta Romana – à la carte

Hours : from 12 to 16 Saturday and Sunday

Cost : 10 -13 euros (children 6 euros)


Ciz Cellar and Kitchen

Enoteca – 13 euros – Città Studi area

Served both on Saturdays and Sundays, our brunch is a delight for gourmets with a variety of international dishes Whether it’s a special occasion, an occasion for friends to catch up or a pleasant start for a lazy weekend day, brunch is a meal for relaxation and a good company.

Info on the Brunch: it was not possible to find out about this brunch


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