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Farms with spa near Milan

by Matilde

Every time the weekend arrives and we feel a bit ‘lazy we would like to open the window and find ourselves in front of a green hill, without too much effort. When we talk about ” near Milan ” they are always “butt-wolves” destinations for at least a couple of hours. I tried, not without difficulty, to gather what are the agritourisms at the gates of Milan. Whether it’s a spa, a piscinetta or a puddle view, as long as you seem not to be in Milan!

Ancient Wellness Farmhouse & Beauty Farm

(40min from the gates of Milan (on the right)


Within the walls of this farmhouse, in the heart of the Adda Park , a place where stillness, nature and relaxation find their maximum expression. The Beauty Farm of the Ancient Wellness is oriented to the excellence of the service for the care of your well-being, with the exclusive use of natural products prepared by us with raw materials coming from our cultivations and expertly blended. Active ingredients extracted from the purest botanical elements and processed with skill and professionalism in the laboratory, for immediate and visible results.

Farmhouse Torrazzetta | Borgo Priolo (PV)

Farmhouse in the province of Pavia . Available to guests numerous rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant of the highest quality for weddings and receptions.

Agriturismo Cascina Canova

About 50min from Milan

Enjoy an aperitif in the large and comfortable public areas of the Cascina.

Great wines served by the glass, an offer of high quality platters made with the products of our farm, cocktails made with fresh fruit, homemade ice cream have a special flavor. Taste them with friends in one of our lounges or poolside with fantastic light games!

Where to eat and stay overnight …

La Capuccina Agriturismo

Just below Lake Orta offers a swimming pool for guests-

The pool is surrounded by greenery surrounding the farm, offering guests an unforgettable relaxation, equipped with comfortable sunbeds, umbrellas and towels.

Tenuta Camillo

The estate is very beautiful and has a swimming pool but can only be used by those who stay overnight.

The Barattino

Renovated farmhouse adjacent to the Po riverbank, located in open countryside.

Cà de Figo: Farmhouse with riding school and swimming pool

“Oh well Raga 1h 40 but deserved”


Specifically designed to make the stay of our guests more relaxing and comfortable. Wide and open, positioned on a terrace with a panoramic view on our cultivations of strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and currants, up to the endless expanses of rice.

Villa Patrizia – Milan

Villa Patrizia is an enchanting colonial style dwelling set in the green setting of the Conte Treccani park, reachable from Milan and Varese.

Overflow, 220sqm, located in the north of the house. The azure waters warm the heart and the scenery is transformed into a Miami-style setting, palm trees and greenery reminiscent of exotic environments, the gurgling of the waters and the chirping of birds give moments of deep relaxation, perhaps after an intense tennis match in the adjacent field in synthetic grass.

Ok, I do not think it’s open to the public, but it’s worth trying.

Ok, we arrived at the end of the article and I must tell you that I have NOT found where to eat and doze in the pool. It seems that in the surroundings of Milan one can only do one or the other, but not together. Near Pavia there are many spas, also nice and surrounded by greenery. The farms, maybe even with riding are not lacking. But it is difficult to have both. On the lake of Lugano at the Hotel Sarpiano there is a spa with the possibility of sunbathing on the sunbeds resting on the grass outside, and the view is very beautiful!

What else to say .. if you find a compromise of both (without the obligation to stay overnight) whistle me!

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