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How to survive and move in Milan by Underground and tram

by Matilde

Metro, bus and tram; here are some tips to survive the rush hour, the Milanese and the many ethnic groups that populate the metropolis.

Racism? not at all, the Milanese know how to be equally unpleasant, but unfortunately even without being racist in Milan we find many ethnic groups that have taken refuge in Milan and being very poor to survive in such a costly metropolis are found to rob and rob.


  1. Avoid if you can peak times , if the metro that arrives should arrive full you can safely wait for the next, which will arrive within 4 minutes and may be less full. Avoid the agglomerations and enter all the central part of the vehicle .. there are head and tail that are generally much freer. And remember: when you go up, do not stop at the entrance even if you have to go down to the next, make room for those who still have to climb.
  2. On the escalators: it is a good idea to get on the right hand side to get the Milanese in a hurry on the left.
  3. With suitcases: always to leave space on the stairs on the left, put your suitcase in front of you rather than on the side. You are not at the airport and there are people in a hurry who do not have time to tolerate your trolley😉

Take the metro tickets out of them , rather than in the automatic dispensers under the subway or in the metro kiosk, always too crowded. You may even have to face a 10-20 minute queue!


Where is the ticket for the Milan tram?

The same applies to trams; there is no ticket at the entrance of the bus and tickets can be purchased either from the tobacconist’s or on newsstands or via sms / app (when it works). To buy the ticket directly from the app atm you have to download their application or send a text message to 48444 you will receive an SMS containing an already valid ticket , with the date and time of validation.

WHEN YOU GET ON THE TRAM you will have to validate the ticket. Should the controllers pass, you may be sanctioned for not doing so.

When traveling from metro to tram you can still use the tram ticket. But beware, you can only do 1 metro ride (while on the tram you can change how many surface vehicles you want)

Cost of an Atm Milan ticket

What To buy

– an ordinary urban ticket from € 1.50  you must send an SMS with the written ATM
– a ticket for Rho Fieramilano from € 2.50 you must send an SMS with the word FIERA

With the ticket received via text message you can access the urban surface lines  (bus, tram, trolleybus)  without any additional operation.
To access the subway you can follow the link that you will find in the SMS : you will open a web page containing the QR Code , with the validity and the cost, which you will use when approaching the phone to the dedicated turnstiles. 
Alternatively , you can continue printing the magnetic ticket at vending machines present in the stations by pressing the dedicated button “ticket with SMS” in the section “Tickets with PIN / PNR code, and entering the PNR code, which you will find inside the SMS. The printed ticket will have as validity the remaining time calculated with respect to the validation time indicated in the SMS. The validation date in each case is also shown on the top of the paper ticket. If your ticket has exceeded the validity time, it will not be possible to print it. Passengers holding a ticket purchased through the SMS Ticketing service can validate the exit by approaching the smartphone to the turnstiles equipped with QR Code reader, or print the ticket by typing the PNR code at the vending machines located inside the turnstiles line and validate the printed ticket. Tickets .
During the check phase, it is mandatory to show the ticket to the ATM staff on SMS and the paper ticket (if this had been printed).
To access the Trenord lines , it is always necessary to print the ticket at the vending machines.

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