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Itinerary by bike along the entire Naviglio Grande da Darsena

by Matilde

There are many sites offering bicycle itineraries . With a lot of track , but I can never find one for everyone . Or; the path traced is fine, but I would like to know what landscapes you can see, how much less a human being employs a half-ramshackle bike and eager to make two rides every so often the weekend, what I will meet on the way etcetera.

That’s why I would like to offer you the complete guide for ” Milanesi nel weekend ” of what to do and what to see along the Naviglio Grande.

My departure was near the gates of Milan, near the church of S cristoforo , thus avoiding the pebbles and all the people that populate the canal. On the map you can also see where to start your route and where instead you will meet too many people to pass. Remember that you must stay on the right side of the Naviglio; the left one as well as not having the cycle path is more difficult even in the first section.

The ideal route from which to start is marked with a red marker.

Unfortunately, having stopped at Trezzano sul Naviglio , the photos will be only up this stretch.

Darsena –  Trezzano sul Naviglio (30-40 minutes)

With an average bike also very old, pleasant pace + some photos or stop, the journey time was about 40 minutes. A step (ok you do not say step, help me you) sent and launched, on return, the time it took was about 20 minutes.

The itinerary is also suitable for children , with some foresight that I will describe.

Was the ride pleasant? Nì. I expected more countryside, which I could only glimpse at the gates of Trezzano sul Naviglio.

Where to drink? You can download the app “fontanelle d’Italia” or find on the map the green points of the parks (which also identify the areas with the fountains )

Let’s begin!

At the beginning of the itinerary I also found a sort of second hand fair. In this part of the ship they often do events, so try to take a look.

The initial road is very wide. You can easily pedal even next to each other.

It is very close in the vicinity of Ronchetto sul Naviglio; here you have to stand in line for one and it’s a very crowded street both for bikes and for pedestrians. The big bush on our right hides what is a mini city in itself … I’ve heard various idioms, but in the lower picture an old Italian man is portrayed.

We continue and the road returns to be wide. The big road ends here and then continues on a road where cars could also pass; do not be scared if you have children in tow because you can decide whether to get on the sidewalk (10 km / h or on the road to 30) I personally did not find cars that passed.

Along the way, on your right you can find glimpses of uncontaminated nature .. to tell the truth puts a little ‘anxiety as it is ideal to hide anything.

But there are also parks in which to relax!

A sign tells us that we are walking along the blue green ring of the Naviglio Grande.

The “Anello verde azzurro ” route, about 135 km long, connects Milan with Lake Maggiore, crossing the natural areas of the Parco del Ticino, the Parco delle Groane and the Parco Agricolo Sud Milano, historical centers and evocative rural landscapes. The route passes through the towpaths of the Naviglio Grande, the Villoresi Canal, the Canale Industriale and the Canal derivatore Vie d’Acqua Expo 2015.

The navigation service along the Naviglio Grande also offers suggestive inter-modality opportunities boat + bike.

Along the way I found this park (near the power plant, ok, but still very nice and particular …) called  Parco delle Colline.

The road to Trezzano sees wide green spaces (although to enjoy them you should be on the other side, which is not possible, and then the landscape is lost up to Abbiategrasso)

What to see?

On the map are marked the most interesting points between; ice-cream parlors, restaurants and points of interest. One certainly interesting, even for those who are not of the faith is the Kaikan (Italian Buddhist Institute Soka Gakkai) in which you can enter and ask to visit with a tour the complex. Rest assured, although the prayer is very particular, they will not try in every way to convert you.

Where to eat?

My advice falls on a beautiful place in Milan, right on the cycle path. It is called Verso Verde and is a local “bike frienldy” in the sense that you can leave the bike inside.

VersoVerde was born in an area of ​​the Naviglio Grande where the city of Milan meets the countryside.
An ideal place for walks, for running, for rowing and for sport in general.

Towards Green

From Milan to Abbiategrasso by bike

Estimated time? I do not know; between one thing and another I would say 1h30. If you arrive here my advice is to continue to Robecco sul Naviglio, an enchanting location to rest, rinfocillarsi and take a ride.


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