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Leonardo’s vineyard in Milan

by Matilde

Leonardo’s Vineyard is a beautiful park that has been made visible to the public for some years. For the identity of the place, it immediately became a prey for tourism, especially by foreigners attracted by the historical character.

There is nothing to say, the place has something magical, perhaps also given by the beautiful flowers that can be found in the garden.

Cost? 10 euros. A bit ‘expensive just being a garden. My advice is to take the card Lombardi Museums (cost about 45 euros) that is worth a year and allows you to visit all the museums in Lombardi.

Guide? The visit seemed to be guided but they left us with some cell phones to guide us in the various rooms of the house. Personally, I preferred a guided tour because the beauty of the garden is to live it according to one’s own time.

The visit is possible or by reservation or by going to Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie and finding the museum entrance in front of the church, along Corso Magenta street You can not go wrong because the museum has windows with the vineyard sign and also has a cafe.

Cafè of the leonardo vineyard

“While Leonardo da Vinci was in Milan at the court of Ludovico il Moro and worked at the Last Supper, the duke gave the artist a sign of recognition for his marvelous works, a vineyard in the city center, the so-called Vigna di Leonardo : reopened to the public recently, the Vigna di Leonardo is located near Santa Maria delle Grazie … ”

If you arrive a little earlier you can take something in the cafe or go to the discovery of all the other nearby places, which are really many. The church, the cenacolo Vinciano, the sacristy of Bramante, and the museum and foundation Stelline which also has a beautiful and isolated private parkaccessible during the week.


Every Saturday at 5.45 pm , visit the house-museum, whose origins date back to the fifteenth century, and enjoy a bit ‘of wine and snacks, the typical Milanese aperitif, in one of the most fascinating places in the city!


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