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Milan: The buildings covered with ivy and where to find them

by Matilde

Green buildings in Milan and where to find them! If you also like the ancient buildings covered with ivy in Milan you can find some hidden among the other buildings.

Here is a map in which I marked the main but certainly still many miss the call!

We start with  Viale Majno near Palestro where in the main street you can find this beautiful building in the countryside.

Not entirely covered in ivy but deserving of mention is the local Morgante Cocktail & Soul near the alley of the Lavandai on the canals. The cocktail bar, open in the evening, has a truly magical atmosphere; you can sip fantastic cocktails (from the average price around 12-15 euros) in a location surrounded by greenery.

Here we find ourselves instead in what they call Lo Spirit de Milan , a place of events and tastes that occasionally hosts festivals and markets

A small building near via Tortona in a courtyard ..

to return again on the Navigli in this splendid location open to the public; the center of the Milan Engraving.

and the adjacent pizzeria, always at the Naviglio Grande in Milan

I do not remember exactly where this was taken but probably also in the vicinity of Palestro

To conclude with beauty with Villa Mozart. . near Villa Necchi Campiglio

Not to mention the beautiful farms in Milan like Cascina Cuccagna!


The health and quality of life in the city also depend on the adequate presence of green areas. The network of parks in Milan includes  54 parks  spread over an area of ​​about 14,681,400 square meters, as well as other green spaces, including  21 beautiful gardens  , which allow citizens and visitors to spend their free time immersed in nature.

The Milanese farmhouses (  farmhouses  ) represent oases of peace and reflection and, at the same time, are a precious testimony to the values ​​of rural culture. In many of these areas where farmhouses have been found, extensive land has been recovered and made useful to the community and the signs of popular work and important architectural and artistic traces are still recognizable.


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