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Itineraries – In Switzerland between mountains and lakes

by Matilde

Little tour of Switzerland from Italy

A mini-tour to visit some of the most beautiful places in Switzerland (with the most distant stage reached in about 4/5 hours from Milan)
A mini tour to visit some of the most beautiful places in Switzerland / 5 hour from Milan)

The following route starts in Milan, at the time of Val Verzasca (2 hours) (with a possible stop at the Tibetan bridge ), then proceed to Caumasee (a beautiful lake) (2 hours) to get to the foot of Ebenalp (another 1.30) where we will then ascend towards the Seealpsee lake and the refuge nestled in the mountain wall.

The following trip to Milan, followed by Val Verzasca (2 hours) we continue to Caumasee (2 hours) to the foot of Ebenalp (another 1.30h) to the lake of Seealpsee and the refugee carved into the mountain wall.

The departure for this tour is advisable in the summer , to admire the ponds, maybe even take a bath and to easily get on and off at the Aescher refuge . 
Last advice before leaving is to be very careful when driving in Switzerland because any excess speed limit can cause you an unpleasant fine . 
To enter Switzerland you need to purchase the sticker for a cost of around 40 euros (valid for one year). Remember also to change some money in francs because if you send the euro into the country they will no longer be accepted.

The marked itinerary includes three one-way stops, for the return you can make the journey to the contrary and stop in the same places in case the first time you did not have luck with the time (which I recommend because even going there in summer the probability of always finding good weather is low, even and especially in mid-August when the summer is being closed here)

First stop – Val Verzasca

The light green of the Verzasca is magical: as a glowing jade the water digs a passage through the polished rocks. In Lavertezzo it flows under the picturesque double Ponte dei Salti: here, along the river Verzasca, there are comfortable stone beds, natural whirlpools and, on the Sentieroone per Brione, 17 works of art. A bathroom here, in such a romantic and unique setting, is a must. Whoever, however, pursues more adrenaline challenges, is expected at Lake Vogorno, at the entrance of the valley: here, from the 220 m of the Verzasca dam, even James Bond has thrown himself into the void held only by a rubber rope. For those who want to try their hand at the company: the «007 Bungee Jump» lasts 7.5 seconds.
Source: myswitzerland

In high season it is a very visited and full of people who are refreshed in the clear waters or take a dip from the Ponte dei Salti but a little place is always there. Be careful where you take a bath because being a river is very dangerous and in some places there are rapids.


The Tibetan bridge Carasc

Reachable for an hour of walking (easy) from Curzutt after taking the cable car. (Monte Carasso, Bellinzona). Anchored at an altitude of 696 m, at the central point the bridge rises to 130 m above the ground . Here you can see a video.


Second stage – Caumasee

Caumasee is one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland (which I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting because the weather in August during my visit was not gracious.)

 You can easily reach from the parking lot (follow the signs in the village) with a short walk and a free elevator similar to a funicular. You can also enter the restaurant only by paying the entrance that will be deducted. The entrance to the lake is still paid, if you do not go around the lake externally to a fence. You can swim, ride the pedals, sunbathe. There are also areas equipped for children. It is however a crowded lake so do not go the weekend if you want tranquility. source: tripadvisor


Last stop – Aescher Refuge

Last stop of our journey, if you have visited the first 2 calmly (giving yourself a bath and resting nearby) you may be ready to go to the shelter (on foot or by cable car) and sleep at the shelter (the rooms are shared so like the bathroom). To go up it takes about 1.30 / 2 hours while with the cable car a few minutes but at a salty price of 20 euros only up or 30 up + down. My advice is to buy the only climb and then descend from the shelter to the Seealpsee lake.

Since 2015 they have added help to get off of cables to cling to or do the climbing in winter but in my opinion, however, very dangerous and slippery even in summer and therefore do not recommend to take the children to make the descent. Alternatively you can buy a return ticket for the shelter and then go up (1h) to visit the lake even if the climb requires a certain physical effort in the last section.


In summer it is very crowded and it is even difficult to find a place to dine ?
A little further away we find the lake with the possibility to rent for 2 euros (if I remember correctly) of the boats!



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