The map of excursions in Trentino

Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage Site
The interactive map is on the site  while the edit with the excursions is owned by this site.

Here is the map with some points on the Dolomites . You will find ideas and inspirations , while to find the blog related to the points you have to go to the next map.
You can access or turn off the level marked as “Area” (which identifies the dolomites)

In the map there is also a “T, touristic” section for easier walks, while the more distant shelters are characterized by a darker red color.

The maps are constantly updated. 


Below is a map with inserted itineraries on the Dolomites of your blogs.

If you want to add yourself your post you can do it by accessing the map below with the instructions you find on This page .

The first points were taken from the montagnediescursioni website

Click on the map or here to access it


  1. On the Monte Piana

2. Towards the Baita Segantini

3.Care plants Ces Colverde

4.Val senales

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