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What to do in Bolzano when it rains

by Matilde

The average temperatures in Bolzano vary drastically. Considering the humidity, the temperatures feel cold for about half of the year and however nice with a low probability of rainfall for most of the year. The area is rather temperate – in the 43rd percentile for pleasant climatic conditions – compared to tourist destinations all over the world. If you are looking for the warmest  moment  to visit Bolzano, the hottest months are July, August and June. The warmest period of the year is generally the middle of July, where the peaks are regularly around 88.6 ° F (31.4 ° C) with temperatures that rarely fall below 17.4 ° C (17.4 ° C) C) during the night.


BOLZANO / Bolzano is a beautiful city (and there is also the interesting museum of the ice mummy Oëtsi), and so it is BRESSANONE / Brixen, which is also close to a beautiful castle and ancient monastery (Abbey of Novacella). And also MERANO is a very nice place (and the nearby gardens of Trauttmansdorf), or even the ancient “Collegiate” of SAN CANDIDO .

And certainly there are other places in the area. So it’s up to you, surely Bolzano or Bressanone or Merano (Merano is perhaps the most beautiful city – but a little further away for the Dolomites) are a better base of Ortisei to visit the lower places of the valley, which you can also enjoy with bad weather.

What to visit indoors?

  • The South Tyrolean Archaeological Museum is located in the historic center of Bolzano and documents the entire history of the province.
  • The Civic Museum preserves very important historical-artistic collections, among the richest of their kind in Alto Adige.
  • The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art – Museion presents artists and works of modern and contemporary art with temporary exhibitions and actions in the public space.
  • The Cribs Museum in the Muri convent of Gries displays antique cribs, one dating back to about 1750 and a review of the current production of cribs in South Tyrol.
  • The Mercantile Museum traces the economic history of the city of Bolzano.
  • The Natural Sciences Museum offers visitors an historical, cultural and scientific journey through one of the most contrasting regions of Europe, illustrating the formation and characteristics of its mountain areas and valleys.
  • The School Museum collects and exhibits historical and educational documentary material.
  • Exhibition itinerary in the Victory Monument “BZ ’18 -’45 . A monument, a city, two dictatorships “in Piazza della Vittoria.
  • The Messner Mountain Museum Firmian provides explanations on the mountains and their populations.
  • The ar / ge kunst Gallery Museum is a private entity without collecting activities.
  • The Civic Gallery is managed by the Museum and Museum of Artistic Services Office of the Municipality of Bolzano.
  • The Photo-Forum Gallery is managed by the Museum of Artistic and Historical Services Office of the Municipality of Bolzano.
  • The Trevi Cultural Center, Multilingual Center, was destined by the Provincial Government to promote the activities of the Italian cultural division.

messner museum

Not just museums

Discover the map with points of interest!

Library / Free University of Bozen – Bolzano

Café Museion Bolzano 

Terrasse Bistro Thaler Bozen


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