Nautica Restaurant in Arona – Lake Maggiore

I tried the Nautica restaurant in Arona as the protagonist of a TV episode on the best restaurants with a view. I was fascinated by the dish of raw food as I always go in search of good food but also the excellent dish.

I found it very nice because the restaurant is located above a kind of tower that the island of the city and overlooking the lake is very secluded and romantic.

To reach the restaurant, take the road that leaves the village in the province of Novara and go to the north. The restaurant is the last of those in Arona overlooking the lake, away from the bustle of people.

The last reachable restaurant of the city, far from the chaos and with a marvelous view on the lake so that it seems to be in a historical seaside resort.

If you intend to book you can specify to have lunch in the turret (and in case add “near the wall” because the tables are also in the center, without taking anything away from the view)

Nautica Restaurant Arona
Nautica Restaurant Arona

I visited the restaurant in April; the sun was already hot but not annoying and the umbrellas could remain closed. During the summer I can imagine that eating under the sun requires the opening of the umbrellas. So, if you want a full view I assume you can go in April or in the evening?

What the menu provides

How much does a lunch at the Nautica Restaurant cost? We can make an average of 40 euros by calculating 13 euros for a first, 4-6 euros for a glass of wine, 12 euros for appetizer and 6 for dessert. Cruditè appetizer – 22 euros (but it is the maximum price of the menu)

Nautica Restaurant Arona
Nautica Ristorante Arona – Cruditè
Nautica Restaurant Arona
Nautica Restaurant Arona

The visit was really pleasant and the maximum relaxation!

Can you also eat inside the restaurant? Yes!

Find out what not to miss in Arona and surroundings in the next posts. Do you know the rock you see behind the restaurant? It hides a beautiful park!

Rocca Borromeo of Arona

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