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Visit all the genoa museums with just one card

by Matilde

The splendid Genoese 16th century residences · Guided visits to the Palazzi dei Rolli, Unesco Heritage A path that opens the doors of some of the sumptuous residences, … Discounted rate with City  Card Museums Genoa  for children Item on sale. The Park of the walls and forts – Guided nature hike.

Collections, exhibitions and galleries. The museum offer of Genoa  is articulated and varied: next to the system of civic museums ( Museums of the Municipality of Genoa ) there are also two  state museums  – Museo di Palazzo Reale and Galleria Nazionale di Palazzo Spinola – and several private structures.
The network of Genoese civic museums is divided into more than  twenty locations  and includes: the museums, the archives, the Documentation Center for the history of art and the image of Genoa, the specialist libraries and the Didactic Sector, which organizes activities and services for schools and families.
The sea, art, world cultures, science and nature, history and archeology are  themed routes in which the civic museums are divided.

The timetable of the museums undergo seasonal changes, so it is advisable to consult the dedicated pages on  visitgenoa.it

Genoa, a unique city for its multicultural character, is famous for its  hidden treasures  that can be discovered in the most unexpected corners, many of which are less known. Although it retains the soul of a medieval and collected reality, the city is much larger than a first perception, and it is easy, as well as fascinating, to risk getting lost among its “caruggi” and its squares.

This is why it is possible to experience the Genoese experience  accompanied by  itineraries dedicated  to many needs, to help visitors choose different points of view, all aimed at discovering the monuments and  breathtaking landscapes  of Genoa.

From the itineraries that explore the wonders of the historic center, with Piazza Banchi, the cathedral, Palazzo San Giorgio and Porta dei Vacca, or Porta Soprana with the Casa di Colombo, up to the Flemish triptych in the church of San Donato; the route that focuses on the places of Niccolò Paganini’s history, or the one dedicated to cruise passengers, not to lose the monuments and the main streets despite the few hours of parking: Piazza De Ferrari, Palazzo Ducale, the Teatro Carlo Felice, just to start .

And yet the itineraries that choose art and religious works as protagonists, up to those that allow you to taste the typical products of Genoa, or simply let yourself be carried away by the local atmosphere of the Carmine Market. Many of these do not even neglect the vertical nature of the city: thanks to the lifts and funiculars you can reach the best observation points on the ancient roofs of Genoa and, of course, on the  sea , the true protagonist of the Ligurian capital.



A trip to Genoa can not be complete without visiting some of its interesting museums. There really is something for everyone! Discover the charm of the 25 city museums and move freely with public transport thanks to the Museums Card. Take advantage of discounts and discounts from 10% to 40% on many other city attractions and some tourist services, including Palazzo Ducale, Villa del Principe, Mackenzie Castle, Aquarium, Bigo, Genoa Walking Tour, Genoa City Tour Pisces, Pippo Train, 5 Theaters. The purchase of the card includes the information booklet on all the museums in Genoa.

Choose between  different types of Card :

  • 24-hour card (except Galata Sea Museum, Antarctica Museum)
  • 24-hour card + bus (except Galata Sea Museum, Antarctica Museum, does not include shipbus and train)
  • 48 hours card
  • 48 hours card + bus (does not include shipbus and train)

Museums included in the Card:

  • Museums of Strada Nuova (Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco, Palazzo Tursi)
  • National Gallery of Palazzo Spinola
  • Museum of Oriental Art Edoardo Chiossone
  • Museum of the Ligustica Academy of Fine Arts
  • Museum of Sant’Agostino
  • Casa di Colombo and Torri di S. Andrea
  • Diocesan Museum
  • Treasure Museum of the Cathedral of S. Lorenzo
  • Emanuele Luzzati Museum
  • Antarctica Museum
  • Galata Museum of the Sea + Submarine
  • Commenda di Prè
  • Castello D’Albertis – Museum of World Cultures
  • Museum of Palazzo Reale
  • Museum of the Risorgimento – Mazziniano Institute
  • Giacomo Doria Natural History Museum
  • Villa Croce Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Lantern Museum
  • Nervi Museums: Modern Art Gallery, Luxoro Giannettino Museum, Raccolte Frugone, Wolfsoniana
  • Pegli Museums: Museum of Ligurian Archeology, Naval Museum
  • Museum of Peasant History and Culture


  •  Card Museums Genoa
  •  Information booklet on all the museums of Genoa


  • State museums and many municipal museums offer free admission to EU citizens under the age of 18.


Please return the voucher to the tourist information offices in Via Garibaldi 12r or Via al Porto Antico 2 (every day from 9.00 to 18.20) to receive the product.




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