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Itineraries covered with Bikemi in Milan

by Matilde

Milan is not purely still a city suitable for bicycles . Often it is necessary to know the less crowded roads or the less impassable ones to reach a destination. You can improvise surfers doing zig-zag between the Milan’s streets and hope to reach their destination. The problem is that Milan is not thought of as a “ray” city but a village, and therefore it is not said that all roads lead in the direction you want to go, even if they are in front of you.
Its many parks, its cycle paths and the fact that there are almost no hills make it a bike-friendly city.

The problem with Bikemi is that it is not possible to hold the bike with you for more than 2 hours. It looks like a very long time frame, but if you happen to stop and get an ice cream the time can pass very quickly. Here are the itineraries and a map to help you choose the best route.

Visit the center of Milan on your bike

Recently, near the Porta Venezia subway station, the Milan hall has renewed the cycle path that runs through  Corso Buenos Aires : now you can reach San Babila by bike without risking your life.
Start your journey from Porta Venezia, but deviate just a little from your straight path to stroll through the Giardini di Porta Venezia.
Take via Palestro and reach  Piazza San Babila . Be careful not to look away from the road, even if the facades of beautiful and elegant buildings will make you want to do it.

Once you arrive in Piazza San Babila, you will only have one thing to pay attention to: people. Forget cars and motorcycles. The real dangers are the men and women who trot with their necks folded on their smartphones and who risk falling on you occasionally.

Soon you will see the Duomo in front of you. Take a moment to relax and then continue on Via Mercanti. This will take you directly to Piazza Cordusio and, therefore, through Via Dante, you will arrive at Castello Sforzesco.
Go past the entrance and, in the blink of an eye, you will be in the Sempione Park. The most famous park in Milan, inaugurated in 1893 and counting more than 386,000 square meters is the ideal place for a ride in the countryside. You will also pass by the Milan Triennale: peek into the courtyard to see its contemporary art installations standing on the grass.

Your route to the center of Milan ends with the spectacular view of the Arco della Pace. Do not forget that Piazza Sempione is full of bars that offer rich and tasty aperitifs: go ahead … you deserve it!

The hidden ship: the Martesana

If you are tired of the skyscrapers and the subway, and you want to get away from the city and enjoy a bucolic ride, you have to go to Via Melchiorre Gioia. Yes, your “green itinerary” starts from one of the busiest spots in the city: in fact, Via Tirano opens up to the  Naviglio della Martesana .

The Martesana is also called small (small) canal to differentiate it from the large one south of Milan. It was Francesco Sforza, together with Leonardo da Vinci, who began work to build it. Navigable and wide from 9 to 18 meters, the Martesana follows a path away from the city streets, surrounded by flower meadows, parks and colorful houses that overlook it.

Follow her and make a few stops here and there, like at the Parco della Martesana.
Since 2009, the bike path has been expanded and now, if you feel fit enough, you can continue to ride up to Trezzo, a small and pretty town not far from Milan.

Useful information

Do you need a map of the stations where you can leave your bike? You can use the official app or the more convenient app called BikeMi Map

Here is some information you will find useful when you drive your bike:

If you do not own a bike, you can hire one thanks to the BikeMi service  , run by the town hall. Using it is simple. You have to choose the type of subscription (daily-weekly or annual). Once you have received the text message to unlock the bike, go to one of the BikeMi stations, enter the code, choose between a normal and an electric bike and … start moving!

The real dangers of Milan are asphalt roads and trams. Cycling on the paved streets of Milan without stumbling is not easy; and you must also make sure that the wheels do not end up on the tram tracks, otherwise you will lose control of your bike!

Have a lock and chain with you all the time or you will not find your bike.
Take a look at the app or the Bike District Milano website, which shows you the best routes to reach a destination by bike.

Official BikeMi website:  www.bikemi.com
Bikedistrict:  www.bikedistrict.org


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